Asset Management Systems


SAMs - web based software accessed through a browser, no need for unreliable desktop software, always available, anywhere & anytime, admins allowed to make changes to sample data, self managed.

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Sentinel Asset Management Systems (SAMs) is an easy to use web based application that has been written for the storage and simple retrieval of data for asset management and reporting.

The ease of use of this system requires no special IT skills and no specialized hardware like on-premises servers, the software is web based and works in a modern web browser.

The security standards when using SAMs are the same techniques that the financial sector and banking industry use and are the most secured way of keeping data in a safe environment. SAMs uses the latest database techniques and security is paramount when using our system.

Data storage

  • Central location for the storage of all of your asbestos data, including survey reports, air monitoring paperwork, asbestos remediation and removal documentation and consignment notes which can be uploaded to the system
  • Removes the need for hard copy documents which can be lost, damaged or changed locally with no central control
  • Enables full traceability in event of an audit or other compliance monitoring process
  • Completely Independent your APP your DATA

Facilitates the day to day management of asbestos

  • Control and management actions with allocated timescales for each individual asbestos containing material (ACM) prompt ongoing management activity as part of a site specific plan
  • Information can be easily updated as part of the ongoing condition monitoring/ re-inspection program without the need to re-enter data
  • Access can be provided to contractors site perceives as well as site-based staff to assist the client in fulfilling their duty to provide and communicate information effectively
  • Username tracking to enable access to SAM to be monitored and traced back to individual users

Management information

  • Ability to filter information and report by site, by building, by room
  • Ability to filter information and report on risk by risk bases.
  • Extraction of Management Information into Excel and PDF
  • Dashboard view with various widgets including calendar views, charts and graphs to give an overall summary of the portfolio
  • Information can be broken down into various formats, for example, an asbestos register, plans, photographs etc
  • Customise the information and the look of the register

Customer friendly

  • Simple, intuitive, and easy to use system
  • In-house system with directly employed developers giving Leftfield Environmental total control, without the need for third party IT providers.
  • Independent software Licence